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Celebrating Innovation: MR STRATEGIES Scoops ‘Best Naming’ for Hexvia at the Netty Awards

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MR STRATEGIES has achieved a remarkable feat at this year’s Netty Awards by securing the ‘Best Naming’ accolade for its transformative branding project, Hexvia, undertaken for the international moving conglomerate, Nasse-Demeco. This new identity not only modernizes a traditionally conservative industry but also unites various subsidiary brands under a single, resonant umbrella. This win underscores MR STRATEGIES’ unparalleled knack for merging creativity with tangible results.

Innovation and Differentiation

One of the standout features of this project was its innovative approach to modernizing a family-owned business within a traditionally conservative sector. Moving companies often shy away from modern marketing techniques, but MR STRATEGIES embraced this challenge head-on. The task involved creating a unified brand name that would resonate with both management and employees across different subsidiaries, preserving the values of individual brands while fostering a new collective identity. Led by Mikael Rebiere, who is well-versed in navigating complex scenarios thanks to his background as a former top athlete, the team conducted extensive internal and field interviews to capture the brand’s essence. This groundwork laid the foundation for a name that resonates deeply within the company: Hexvia.

Measurable Impact and Success

The stakes were high for MR STRATEGIES. Not only did the brand need to gain acceptance internally—from the CEO down to drivers—but it also had to win approval in the conservative French market, where the press is particularly scrutinizing about new brand names. The mission was daunting, especially given the 60-year legacy of the Demeco brand. Nonetheless, the project succeeded beyond expectations. All subsidiaries now proudly operate under the Hexvia banner, as confirmed by internal satisfaction surveys. Additionally, the French press has widely recognized and praised the new branding, highlighting both the logo and the name as embodying the group’s values. This positive media coverage has extended beyond France to include other parts of Europe where the group has a presence, solidifying the brand’s successful repositioning.

Creative Elements and Execution

The creative process behind Hexvia was thorough and thoughtful, starting with a brand platform derived from a benchmarking analysis and insights gained from interviews at all levels of the organization. The goal was to create a brand that would feel cohesive yet inclusive of various entities—ranging from small regional agencies to national operations. The name Hexvia was carefully selected to combine elements representing home (Hex), expertise (Ex), and road (Via). This innovative name encapsulates the company’s comprehensive mobility solutions for individuals and businesses alike. A significant aspect of the creative strategy was designing a logo and a banner that could be recognized even without the name, symbolizing the unity and strength of the parent company. The tagline “Allies of your mobility” struck a chord internally, fostering a profound sense of belonging and unity among employees.

Overall Excellence and Industry Advancement

MR STRATEGIES has demonstrated outstanding capability in pushing the boundaries of conventional branding, evidenced by their success in this high-stakes project. The agency thrives on taking on challenging assignments, whether positioning a Chinese eyewear brand in New York or revolutionizing a historic French brand. Their formula for success includes in-depth client interviews and a bold, innovative approach that shakes up industry norms while remaining accessible and comprehensible. Under the leadership of Mikael Rebiere, the agency focuses on results-driven work, ensuring that every project leaves a significant impact. Their commitment to creating not just a logo or name but a ‘soul’ for the company sets them apart in the industry, making their signature style unmistakable.


MR STRATEGIES is a leading branding agency renowned for its innovative and results-driven approach to brand creation and positioning. The agency, led by former top athlete Mikael Rebiere, specializes in transforming brands across various industries by combining deep-rooted passion with a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics. Known for their ability to disrupt traditional norms while achieving concrete results, MR STRATEGIES stands as a beacon of creative excellence in the branding landscape.

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