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CUT THRU Crowned 2023’s Branding Agency of the Year, Makes History with Triple Win at the Netty Awards

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The Netty Awards

Say hello to CUT THRU, the digital maverick that’s stormed the Netty Awards, sweeping up three wins, including the prestigious Boutique Branding Agency of the Year 2023. With offices in Sydney and New York, CUT THRU has emerged as a trailblazer in the digital landscape, shaping how branding will be done online for many years to come. And it’s not just our head that’s turned, recently Clutch voted CUT THRU as Sydney’s top branding agency and amongst the 5 top branding agencies in New York for 2023 too. 

Why CUT THRU’s our Boutique Branding Agency of the Year 2023

CUT THRU has solved a core challenge in branding – removing subjectivity from the process. Traditionally, brands rely on small focus groups or surveys to guide decisions, where consumers know they’re being observed. This limited sample can skew perspectives. CUT THRU’s breakthrough was leveraging double blind testing with a broad audience that engages naturally, not knowing they’re part of research.

Their process tests countless iterations of branding and messaging with target customers via ads they perceive as normal. Without influencing responses, CUT THRU simply tracks clicks to identify what resonates. This eliminates subjective debates over what select focus group members like. It takes branding directly to its core audience for validation.

Further, CUT THRU transformed research spend into asset building by driving test ad engagement into waitlist sign-ups. This dual-purpose approach builds real business value from the research phase.

By removing subjective bias and testing branding on a wide scale before launch, CUT THRU has pioneered an agile, customer-driven process for creating and validating brands. Their willingness to challenge orthodoxy has moved the industry forward.

From Bushfires to Blossom: Winner Fintech Brand of 2023

In partnership with their client Blossom, a savings app, CUT THRU pioneered a creative approach that intertwines envirotech and fintech – clinching Best Sustainable Design. Their breakthrough campaign fused financial gains with environmental rehabilitation for an ethical finance brand.

CUT THRU built a brand identity that resonated with eco-conscious consumers while also generating remarkable growth. By linking customers’ savings goals to sustainability initiatives like planting trees in bushfire-damaged regions, they forged an innovative connection between the business objectives of funds under management and customers’ desires to earn returns while restoring the environment.

The initiative catapulted revenues from $0 to $41 million in just two years while regenerating thousands of acres. This incredible success demonstrates sustainable branding can coexist with robust financial returns.

By interconnecting social responsibility with business performance in their branding, CUT THRU charted a new course for the finance industry. Their ability to blend purpose with profits cemented their reputation as innovators shaping the future of ethical finance.

Game-Changing Logo Innovation: Paperform’s Abstract Strategy Redefines SaaS Branding

CUT THRU clinched the esteemed Best Abstract Logo Design award for their visionary work on Paperform’s branding. Paperform, an online form builder combining powerful functionality with sleek design, turned to CUT THRU to evolve their visual identity. The agency’s ingenious abstract logo approach, drawing inspiration from kaleidoscopes, encapsulates Paperform’s ethos of versatility and simplicity. This strategic reimagining has proven effective, with Paperform reporting a 25% bounce rate reduction and 22% conversion rate boost since launch.

Rather than opting for literal visuals, CUT THRU embraced strategic abstraction. Just as a kaleidoscope’s ever-changing patterns have an underlying structure, the logo symbolizes Paperform’s ability to transform and adapt, from documents to surveys to calculators. This creative thinking bolstered brand architecture and aided scalability for sub-brands like Papersign.

The logo design employs conversion-centered principles through its button-esque styling, subtly prompting engagement. In split tests, it achieved a 32% engagement boost over previous branding. Beyond metrics, it has garnered industry accolades, including a CSS Design Award. Founder Dean McPherson has praised the “overwhelmingly positive feedback.”

Through fusing data-driven conversion optimization with bold aesthetics, CUT THRU has crafted a future-proof brand identity for Paperform. Their willingness to push boundaries and employ unconventional thinking cements their reputation as an industry leader advancing the field. This approach has paved the way for sustained growth, spurring a 108% annual revenue increase. The strategic success of this pioneering branding affirms the power of creativity and empiricism in harmonious synergy.

About CUT THRU Branding

CUT THRU is an award-winning branding agency that fuses psychology, conversion optimization, and design excellence to create brands built for profit. Their pioneering methodology integrates rigorous split testing into the branding process to scientifically validate elements like color schemes and copy before launch.

By testing branding with target audiences, CUT THRU can identify the most profitable brand identity and elements scientifically proven to convert best. This fusion of conversion-centered strategy with compelling creative empowers CUT THRU to forge unignorable brands that break through noise and drive results even in the most competitive markets.

Their meticulously honed methodology leverages psychological techniques to get inside the minds of customers. By optimizing brand identity for maximum conversion prior to launch, CUT THRU guarantees clients an unmatched ROI.

With bold creative vision unmatched in the industry, CUT THRU makes brands impossible to ignore. Their refined methodology has cemented their reputation across Australia, the US, EU, and Asia as the dominant force shaping the digital branding landscape.

About The Netty Awards

The Netty Awards are the digital world’s benchmark for excellence, a celebration of the most innovative and effective work in digital design and marketing. Recognized as one of the industry’s most prestigious awards, the Netty Awards honor those who lead the way in the digital landscape, setting new standards for what is possible. In a realm of constant evolution, these accolades shine a light on those who are the trailblazers of digital excellence.

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