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Heritage Captured: Standout Arts Frontier Museum Map Clinches Netty’s Cultural Design Impact Honors

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The Netty Awards

The Netty Awards, a beacon of digital excellence, has now turned the spotlight onto the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia’s map design project. Rendered by Standout Arts, this creation beautifully melds architectural style design and graphic design, perfectly encapsulating the rich history and landscapes of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Here, we dive into the groundbreaking features and vision that made this map a clear winner in the Cultural Design Impact category.

Innovation and Differentiation

The Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia (FCMV) is not just a museum; it’s an experiential journey through American history. To enhance this journey, Standout Arts unveiled a map that goes beyond mere topography. By incorporating hand-drawn architectural renderings of each exhibit and surrounding areas, the map offers viewers a tangible connection to the actual structures and landscapes. Their digital rendition of the FCMV’s buildings, farms, and exhibits encapsulates the museum’s essence while infusing it with the scenic charm of the Shenandoah Valley. A subtle watercolor effect within the design anchors the map to the historical timeline, enriching the user’s connection to the museum’s narratives.

Measurable Impact and Success

The Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia is more than an educational institute; it’s a storyteller that revisits the tales of immigrants who’ve shaped American culture. The map, a precursor to this journey, sets expectations and piques interest, offering an overview of the museum’s living history exhibits. The guest testimonials mirror the success of the map, as visitors continually highlight their experience with “real, authentic buildings”. This feedback underscores the map’s efficacy in providing an accurate, hand-rendered visual representation that deepens visitors’ engagement.

Creative Elements and Execution

When replacing FCMV’s erstwhile simplistic map, Standout Arts, LLC embarked on an intricate exploration process. Aerial photography, on-foot exploration, and exhaustive research culminated in the hand-drawn architectural renderings that lay the foundation for the new map’s authentic feel. The Shenandoah Valley’s mood was deftly captured through graphic design, and a descriptive narrative for each exhibit amplifies the visitor’s connection to the past. More than a mere tool for navigation, the map serves as a historical and cultural primer, seamlessly introducing guests to the museum’s spirit.

Overall Excellence and Industry Advancement

Where conventional methods might have sufficed, Standout Arts, LLC chose the path of excellence. Rejecting mere photographs, stock icons, or simplistic designs, they instead embraced an intricate, hand-crafted approach that combines architectural expertise with graphic design. The result? A digital representation that is not only functional but also artistically superior, elevating the industry standards for such projects.

About Standout Arts

Founded in 2013 and stationed in Waynesboro, Virginia, Standout Arts is a beacon of excellence in the world of marketing and graphic design. Their array of services includes marketing consulting, branding, website design, and aerial videography. Shannon Sankar, with over two decades of professional prowess in commercial copywriting, graphic design, and marketing, leads this dynamic team, ensuring that each project stands out.

About The Netty Awards

The digital realm is ever-evolving, and the Netty Awards are at its forefront, identifying and celebrating the best of innovation, creativity, and execution. Acknowledgment at The Netty Awards is more than just a nod; it’s a validation of a project’s influential status in the fiercely competitive digital universe. Recognizing standouts like the Frontier Culture Museum map, these awards continue to push the boundaries of digital excellence.

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