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Innovative Analytics and PPC Strategy: KOSE’s Netty Award-Winning Campaign for USAHS

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The Netty Awards

KOSE has emerged victorious at the annual Netty Awards, clinching the ‘Best PPC Strategy (Education)’ and ‘Best Use of Analytics (Education)’ titles for their groundbreaking campaign for the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (USAHS). By employing a geo-tiered strategy, KOSE has not only increased the enrollment pipeline but has also revolutionized the way educational institutions approach digital marketing.

Innovation and Differentiation

When USAHS sought to improve the efficiency of their paid media campaigns, KOSE rose to the challenge with innovation that redefined expectations. The agency leveraged Salesforce data to realign the campaign objectives, thereby delivering high-quality leads, reducing cost per enrollment, and eliminating low-quality leads. One of KOSE’s signature moves involved restructuring campaigns into geo tiers based on historical application data. This strategy funneled resources into geographic areas with higher conversion rates, optimizing ad spend and targeting. By expanding ad groups from 109 to a striking 1600, KOSE ensured customized messaging resonated with potential students based on their location and search queries. Additionally, a hybrid tracking system utilizing both Google Analytics and Salesforce data played a pivotal role in optimizing the campaigns at multiple conversion stages, setting a new standard for digital marketing in the education sector.

Measurable Impact and Success

KOSE’s agile and meticulously crafted strategy translated into remarkable successes for USAHS. Year over year, the lead volume from Google and Bing campaigns surged by 35%. More impressively, the lead-to-enrollment conversion rate improved by an outstanding 153%. This growth trajectory implies even greater future gains, as the long purchase cycle for educational programs means these benefits will compound over several years. Projecting a potential 230% increase in enrollments from paid search alone, KOSE’s efforts could potentially funnel an additional revenue pipeline of over $25 million for USAHS. This strategy’s effectiveness isn’t confined to just search campaigns; its principles are now being applied across other online platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Creative Elements and Execution

KOSE’s creative prowess is evident in the intricate integration of data across multiple systems. From Google Auto-Tagging and Salesforce campaign codes to Google Tracking Templates, each element of their hybrid tracking strategy was meticulously designed to optimize the down-funnel stages. By crafting customized messages specific to user locations and queries, KOSE enhanced user engagement and satisfaction. Their extensive keyword build-out, tailored negative keyword lists, and precise campaign restructuring allowed a granular focus on maximizing ad impact. KOSE also displayed tactical astuteness by reallocating seasonal budgets based on historical demand trends, thereby capturing peak enrollment periods and maximizing ROI.

Overall Excellence and Industry Advancement

KOSE’s work for USAHS exemplifies overall excellence and groundbreaking innovation in digital marketing. By seamlessly integrating multiple data platforms, adjusting campaign structures, and personalizing user engagement, KOSE pushed the boundaries of what’s achievable in PPC strategies for the education sector. Their geo-tiered approach and hybrid tracking system not only achieved significant immediate results but also set a new benchmark for future educational campaigns. KOSE’s efforts have significantly boosted tuition revenue from new students, reinforcing their commitment to pushing industry standards higher and raising the bar for digital excellence.

About KOSE

KOSE is a premier digital marketing agency known for its groundbreaking campaigns and data-driven strategies. Specializing in paid media, SEO, and comprehensive digital solutions, KOSE transforms complex analytics into opportunities for growth and engagement. Their innovative approaches help clients achieve unparalleled levels of success and set new industry standards.

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