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ITI Digital Takes Home Top Honors at Netty Awards with Groundbreaking App for Tourism

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The Netty Awards

ITI Digital has clinched the distinguished ‘Best Overall App’ award in the tourism software category at this year’s Netty Awards for their groundbreaking Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for tourism brands. This advanced software-as-a-service application has captivated destination marketing organizations (DMOs) with its cutting-edge technology, revolutionizing content management and significantly enhancing user experiences on travel websites.

Innovation and Differentiation

In the fast-paced realm of tourism, aligning consumer behavior with technological innovations is an ongoing challenge for destination managers. ITI Digital’s DXP addresses this by offering an automated content solution that integrates real-time data from reliable sources like Google and cutting-edge AI technology. Unlike traditional approaches that demand labor-intensive, manual input from local businesses, ITI Digital’s platform delivers turnkey ‘ready-to-publish’ content. This includes comprehensive information, such as multiple images, operational hours, nearby attractions and events, customer reviews, and dynamic QR codes.

What sets ITI Digital apart is the combination of real-time data aggregation and AI-powered features designed for seamless content management. This innovative approach empowers tourism offices to save significant operational time while ensuring the accuracy and engagement of the information presented to potential travelers. Simply put, no other software provider in the industry offers such a robust and automated solution specifically tailored for DMOs.

Measurable Impact and Success

The impact of ITI Digital’s DXP is evident through substantial improvements in web engagement metrics and customer testimonials. Since integrating the automated Events Calendar module, Ostego County, NY’s website ‘This is Cooperstown’ has seen a 20% increase in organic users and a staggering 92% higher average session duration on their Events Calendar page. Automation has remarkably reduced staff content research and input by 90%.

Similarly, Florida’s Adventure Coast destination website experienced a 347% increase in average time spent on business listing pages compared to the rest of their website after deploying the DXP business listings module. Additionally, interactive travel tools like itineraries and trip planners have been a hit, generating a 39.2% higher average engagement rate on themed itinerary pages across four U.S. destinations.

Creative Elements and Execution

The real magic of ITI Digital’s DXP lies in its problem-solving prowess. By integrating real-time, accurate data from a multitude of sources, the platform delivers content that is always current and relevant. This authenticity and precision are bolstered by features such as automated content aggregation, AI-generated descriptions, and user-generated reviews.

Key features include automated event curation from over 30 event ticketing platforms, business listing management powered by the Google Places API, and interactive maps for events and places. Additionally, the platform’s AI optimizes low-res images and categorizes events or places, ensuring high-quality content. Automated QR code generation further enhances the visitor experience, making it convenient for travelers to access important information on the go.

Overall Excellence and Industry Advancement

ITI Digital’s DXP App stands out as a game-changer in the competitive field of destination marketing. It addresses longstanding issues like inefficient collaboration with local businesses, outdated information, and lack of user-generated content. By automating these processes, ITI Digital elevates the online presence of destinations while saving precious human resources at short-staffed governmental agencies.

A testament to their commitment to continuous innovation is the forthcoming AI Travel Buddy feature. This AI chat assistant will offer travelers round-the-clock support, enriched with brand-specific knowledge and real-time answers powered by OpenAI. Such initiatives reflect ITI Digital’s dedication to bridging the gap between travelers’ desires and their in-market experiences, driving traffic to destinations, and supporting community economic growth.

Recognized for their excellence, ITI Digital was recently nominated for the “Top Tourism Marketing Services Provided of 2024” by Hospitality Business Review for the second consecutive year.

About ITI Digital

ITI Digital specializes in pioneering advancements in digital experience solutions for destination marketing organizations. Their innovative technology-driven approach ensures their clients benefit from the most up-to-date and engaging content available. By focusing on automation and real-time data integration, ITI Digital continues to set the standard in the tourism software industry.

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