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JAST Media Wins ‘Best Custom Solution (B2B)’ for Innovative Sales Portal at the Netty Awards

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The Netty Awards

JAST Media has earned the prestigious ‘Best Custom Solution (B2B)’ award at this year’s Netty Awards for their groundbreaking work on integrating online and offline channels to deliver customized experiences and maximize B2B sales for Advanced Hardware Supply. This innovative campaign not only revolutionized the way Advanced Hardware Supply engages with its customers but also set a new benchmark in the B2B software industry.

Innovation and Differentiation

JAST Media’s award-winning project stands out for its seamless integration of Advanced Hardware Supply’s offline order management software with over 180 disparate manufacturer data sources. Unlike typical digital transformations that require multi-year ERP or logistics platform shifts, JAST Media introduced a commercial accounts portal within a single year. This portal allowed buyers to check in-stock quantities in real-time and view customer-specific price discounts, which vary by SKU and manufacturer per client. In an industry where APIs and webhooks are often absent, JAST Media tackled this challenge head-on, breaking the project into manageable parts to ensure a swift market launch. By addressing these intricate issues separately, JAST Media enabled Advanced Hardware Supply to introduce their portal without any software changes, achieving faster market readiness than competitors.

Measurable Impact and Success

The new commercial accounts portal was nothing short of a blockbuster success. In its first year alone, it facilitated nearly 3,000 orders, resulting in the sale of over 169,000 products and propelling Advanced Hardware Supply’s annual sales by 27%. Even more impressive is the customer engagement rate. Traditionally, B2B businesses in the commercial construction space struggle with getting customers to transition from in-person to online ordering. However, JAST Media’s solution saw nearly 40% of existing customers make the switch within the first year, compared to an industry average of less than 15%. The portal also attracted 370 new large-scale commercial accounts, doubling Advanced Hardware Supply’s volume of commercial accounts at the time of launch. This success can be attributed to the portal’s user-friendly design and rich data resources that simplify the ordering process and enhance operational efficiency for contractor and fabricator customer bases.

Creative Elements and Execution

One of the hallmarks of this project was its innovative approach to creative problem-solving. Advanced Hardware Supply’s outdated inventory management system and varied data availability among manufacturers posed a significant challenge. Yet, JAST Media approached it with a inventive blend of data scraping, standardization, and AI verification tools to build a comprehensive product database of over 40,000 SKUs. The team then developed a suite of tools that integrated seamlessly with Advanced Hardware’s in-house ordering and inventory management systems, facilitating the launch of the commercial accounts portal through their newly revamped website. This creative tech-driven approach not only digitized the extensive product knowledge of Advanced Hardware’s sales staff but also made it accessible online, improving the ease of order placement and boosting sales.

Overall Excellence and Industry Advancement

JAST Media’s project exemplifies unparalleled excellence and innovation, setting new standards in the B2B software and digital marketing sectors. The project underscores JAST Media’s commitment to delivering custom-built solutions that cater to the unique needs of the commercial construction industry. By successfully implementing this portal, JAST Media has debunked the myth that digital marketing and online experience are irrelevant for B2B companies dealing with large-scale commercial orders. Their track record, highlighted by partnerships with over 200 clients representing $1.1 billion in annual sales, including seven of the top 25 materials brands in the nation, cements their role as industry leaders. JAST Media is driving the construction materials industry toward digital innovation, showcasing the untapped potential in the B2B market.

About JAST Media

Located at the intersection of technology and innovation, JAST Media specializes in delivering high-impact custom software solutions for the construction and building materials market. With a focus on digital marketing, product data solutions, and online strategy consultancy, JAST Media helps manufacturers, distributors, and service providers navigate the complexities of digital transformation, ensuring client success and industry advancement.

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