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Nektor Media’s Brand Refresh for Agape Healthcare Claims Top Honors at the Netty Awards

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The Netty Awards

Nektor Media has earned the coveted title of ‘Best Integrated Marketing Campaign (Healthcare)’ at this year’s Netty Awards for their exceptional work on the Agape Healthcare, Hospice & Palliative Care brand refresh. This milestone not only signifies Nektor Media’s expertise and creative vision but also highlights a transformative project that blends seamlessly with Agape Healthcare’s mission to provide compassionate, patient-centric care.

Innovation and Differentiation

Agape Healthcare was amid significant internal improvements aimed at adapting to the post-COVID-19 healthcare landscape. When Nektor Media was brought on board for a brand refresh, they began with a thorough analysis of Agape Healthcare and its competitors. In a market dominated by multi-state corporations focused more on business metrics than patient experiences, Nektor Media identified several internal process gaps and underutilized marketing channels. Nektor Media proposed a comprehensive, multi-faceted marketing strategy that spanned various channels and assets, turning the company’s digital footprint into an effective conduit for communication. The strategy was designed to reach both internal and external audiences, including employees, senior patients, and their families. By shifting the narrative towards patient empowerment and highlighting diversity, they differentiated Agape Healthcare from its competitors, transforming messages of sadness and confusion into ones of support and control.

Measurable Impact and Success

Nektor Media’s integrated marketing strategy provided significant, measurable successes for Agape Healthcare. Over the course of a year, their website saw 8,634 new users and 18,974 views, with a reasonable 46% average bounce rate. Social media engagement also saw notable improvements; content posts on Facebook increased by 148.3%, with a 100% uplift in organic reach and a 91.1% increase in content interactions. Furthermore, LinkedIn recorded 5,500 organic impressions and 739 page views. Advertising efforts yielded 5,949 online listing views and over 12,198 article views. Their internal communications also saw remarkable engagement, with an employee newsletter achieving a 76.83% open rate and a 0% unsubscribe rate. Coupled with a strategic business development approach, Agape Healthcare witnessed a growth in patient referrals within nine months. The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization even recognized Agape Healthcare with the Quality Connections Award, underscoring the campaign’s broad impact.

Creative Elements and Execution

Nektor Media’s rebranding of Agape Healthcare skilfully combined creative elements to reflect the company’s core values and mission. They opted for abstract design elements while drawing inspiration from Colorado’s natural landscape. This creative direction aimed to convey interconnectedness and the cyclical nature of life, fitting well with Agape Healthcare’s localized operations along the Denver Front Range. The reimagined logo incorporates colors from Colorado’s state flag, with outstretched arms symbolizing a welcoming embrace and mirroring the Greek meaning of “agape”—unconditional love. The choice of landscape photography, coupled with aerial shots, intended to symbolize a transcendental journey from human to spirit. The use of arches in the brand’s colors represented life’s transitions and connections, making the visual elements both comforting and meaningful. By integrating these elements, Nektor Media created a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity that sets Agape Healthcare apart from competitors.

Overall Excellence and Industry Advancement

Agape Healthcare’s revamped brand identity encompasses compassionate care and professionalism, setting a new standard in the Colorado hospice and palliative care market. The company’s digital footprint now reflects its commitment to patient-centric care, complete with consistent, humanizing brand messaging. Employee highlights, health-related information, industry thought leadership, and awards for volunteer and bereavement services all contribute to an enhanced narrative that resonates deeply with their audience. Nektor Media’s strategic rebranding has significantly elevated Agape Healthcare’s market presence and effectively communicated its dedication to unconditional love and high-quality care. This comprehensive marketing transformation reassures patients and their families, making the end-of-life care experience more comforting and approachable.

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