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eBay & The Many – Old School Meets New School Campaign

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The Netty Awards

The prestigious Netty Awards have recognized outstanding achievements in the digital landscape, and this year, eBay and The Many are among the esteemed nominees. These two powerhouses have come together to create a groundbreaking campaign, “@eBayWatches Presents Old School Meets New School,” which has been nominated for its innovation, creativity, and excellence in the social media category. In this featured article, we’ll take a closer look at the campaign, explore its exceptional aspects, and celebrate the phenomenal work of the nominees.

Innovation and Differentiation

In a world where luxury watch marketing can sometimes feel staid and exclusive, the “@eBayWatches Presents Old School Meets New School” campaign is a breath of fresh air. The innovative idea at the heart of the campaign is to use watches as a common thread to unite different people, talents, and industries, breaking down preconceived notions about watch culture and inviting diverse perspectives to the table.

The campaign features an unlikely pairing of head-turning talent that defies the standards of “old world” luxury. It showcases conversations between celebrities such as fashion maven Iris Apfel and rapper Lil Yachty, as well as legendary fashion stylist Law Roach and singer/songwriter Teyana Taylor. These conversations delve into the personal style, expression, and emotions that luxury watches can bring, highlighting the unique aspects of each individual while emphasizing the connections they find in their shared love for watches.

Measurable Impact and Success

The “@eBayWatches Presents Old School Meets New School” campaign has had a significant impact on eBay’s target audience and the luxury watch industry as a whole. The two episodes of the campaign generated over 120 million impressions and an average engagement rate of 0.44%. Post engagements reached over 30 million, indicating audience consideration of the content. Brand health metrics measured by Instagram/Facebook’s Brand Lift Study showed strong ad recall (avg. 4.9%) and top-of-mind awareness among the audience, with Episode 2 driving results 1.5 points above benchmark.

In addition to these impressive numbers, the campaign has generated nearly 100% positive sentiment and sparked conversation among existing and new audiences. In fact, @eBayWatches female followership increased by 5% after both campaigns, proving that the narratives defied traditional luxury standards and resonated with a wider audience.

Creative Elements and Execution

The creative elements of the “@eBayWatches Presents Old School Meets New School” campaign are exceptional, employing unique design elements, storytelling aspects, and problem-solving approaches. The campaign’s hero videos showcase the intimacy of the conversations, allowing the audience to connect deeply with the talent’s shared passion for watches. Supplementary content, such as bespoke Reels and Stories on Instagram, provide an engaging mix of soundbites and mesmerizing watch imagery to boost eBay’s brand credibility in the luxury watch space.

Episode 2 of the campaign introduced unique Instagram Shop Collections and shoppable posts, connecting the conversation to the products while highlighting the talent’s collections. The partnership with GLAAD, auctioning off two luxury timepieces featured in the campaign, raised over $60,000 for the LGBTQ+ community, further demonstrating the creative approach to making a positive impact.

Overall Excellence and Industry Advancement

The “@eBayWatches Presents Old School Meets New School” campaign exemplifies overall excellence in the digital landscape, pushing boundaries and raising the bar in the luxury watch industry. The campaign’s most significant achievements include breaking down the traditional barriers of luxury, connecting diverse audiences through shared passions, and raising funds for a worthy cause. The collaboration between eBay and The Many has proven to be a game-changer, paving the way for future campaigns that celebrate diversity, personal style, and the emotional connections that luxury watches can bring.

The campaign’s success in reaching a younger, more diverse demographic and driving an increase in female followership on @eBayWatches is a testament to its ability to advance the industry. By challenging the “old world” way of thinking and embracing new schools of thought, eBay and The Many have created a campaign that not only stands out but also drives cultural relevance and fosters a more inclusive luxury watch community.

The Netty Award Nomination

Being nominated for a Netty Award is a prestigious honor, reserved for those who have made remarkable contributions to the digital landscape. The “@eBayWatches Presents Old School Meets New School” campaign by eBay and The Many stands as a shining example of what can be achieved through innovation, creativity, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional marketing.

This campaign’s nomination is a testament to the hard work, vision, and collaboration between eBay and The Many, who have come together to create a campaign that not only resonates with audiences but also advances the luxury watch industry. By celebrating the nomination, we acknowledge the importance of embracing diversity, inclusivity, and the power of shared passions in our ever-evolving digital world.

Congratulations to eBay and The Many on their Netty Awards nomination, and we look forward to witnessing more groundbreaking achievements in the future.

About eBay

eBay is a global e-commerce giant that has revolutionized the way people buy and sell goods online for over 25 years. With a presence in more than 190 markets around the world, eBay’s platform connects millions of buyers and sellers, creating a vibrant marketplace that fosters economic growth and empowers individuals to thrive. eBay’s commitment to innovation, evident in its adoption of cutting-edge technologies like AI, computer vision, natural language processing, and machine translation, has made it a trailblazer in the industry. The company’s dedication to creating inspiring e-commerce experiences for its buyers, sellers, and developers has cemented its position as a leader in the digital landscape.

About The Many

The Many is a values-driven advertising agency that is making waves in the creative world with its unique approach to crafting integrated brand experiences. With headquarters in Los Angeles and an east coast office in Boston, The Many brings together creative, strategy, social, digital, design, media, and production under one roof, ensuring that every discipline has a seat at the table from the outset of each project. The agency’s diverse portfolio includes work with major brands such as American Apparel, Netflix, Walmart, Coca-Cola, and Disney, garnering recognition from prestigious industry awards like Ad Age Small Agency of the Year and Adweek’s Fastest Growing Agencies. The Many’s commitment to pushing boundaries and raising the bar has made it a go-to agency for brands seeking to make an impact in today’s ever-evolving digital world.

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