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Propelrr’s Double Victory at the Netty Awards: User-Centric Design and UX Research Excellence

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The Netty Awards

In a remarkable feat of digital innovation and dedication to user experience, Propelrr has earned two esteemed Netty Awards. These awards celebrate their groundbreaking work in Conversion Optimization for OSP International LLC and their transformative efforts in a User-Centric Website Revamp. Propelrr’s achievements underscore a deep commitment to pioneering strategies that resonate profoundly within the digital realm.

1. Conversion Optimization for OSP International LLC (Best User-Centric Design)

Innovation and Differentiation

Propelrr’s partnership with OSP International LLC was marked by a focus on deep customer understanding, crucial in optimizing conversions and enhancing search engine visibility. By revisiting and expanding OSP’s buyer personas, Propelrr could tailor the customer journey from awareness to conversion with greater precision. The team’s innovative approach to data collection and analysis, using message mining, email surveys, and website visitor feedback, was instrumental in refining OSP’s target audience profiles and crafting more effective calls to action and content.

Measurable Impact and Success

The impact of Propelrr’s strategies was quantifiable and significant. A total of 68 successful hypotheses were implemented across various pages of the PM PrepCast website, leading to substantial improvements in conversion rates. These strategic changes resulted in notable revenue increases, exemplifying the effective implementation of user-centric optimization:

  • Home Page: A 21.96% conversion lift, translating to a monthly revenue increase of $95,616.
  • Product Page: Achieving a 40.90% conversion lift, amounting to an additional $128,484 per month.
  • Order Page: Observing a 7.37% conversion lift, equivalent to $5,976 per month in revenue.

These figures showcase the tangible benefits of Propelrr’s expertise in conversion optimization, significantly enhancing OSP’s online sales and market presence.

Creative Elements and Execution

At the core of Propelrr’s strategy was a comprehensive audit of existing data, coupled with qualitative and quantitative research to identify customer pain points and areas for value delivery. The team’s Hypothesis Prioritization Framework (HPF) was pivotal in categorizing and prioritizing conversion optimization efforts based on business impact. This meticulous approach led to the development of conversion-focused copy and layouts, rigorously tested through split URL testing to validate their effectiveness.

Overall Excellence and Industry Advancement

Propelrr’s project with OSP International LLC marked a significant milestone in conversion rate optimization. The team’s dedication to understanding customer needs and meticulously applying these insights to OSP’s website led to the transformation of their digital presence. OSP’s website evolved into an effective, conversion-driven platform, significantly reducing the company’s reliance on traditional marketing channels.

2. Enhancing Search Presence with a User-Centric Website Revamp (UX Research Excellence)

Innovation and Differentiation

Recognizing the imperative to bolster their online presence during the digital surge of the pandemic, Propelrr embarked on an extensive website overhaul. This initiative aimed to enhance their search engine visibility and user engagement. Propelrr’s comprehensive approach included a blend of proven conversion optimization frameworks and in-depth UX research, focusing on a deeply user-centric strategy to improve their website’s performance.

Measurable Impact and Success

The revamped website saw a marked improvement in organic traffic and online visibility. Propelrr recorded a 43.19% increase in overall sessions and a 51.80% rise in organic traffic, indicating a successful enhancement in user engagement and search performance. These improvements have significantly elevated Propelrr’s position in the digital landscape, leading to higher customer engagement and conversion rates.

Creative Elements and Execution

Propelrr’s UX research uncovered vital elements affecting the customer journey, leading to the creation of a user-friendly layout and impactful copy that resonated with their target audience. This research served as the foundation for a dynamic customer insights document, evolving with each iteration and experimentation in future design and content strategies.

Overall Excellence and Industry Advancement

This project is a testament to Propelrr’s commitment to advancing digital marketing and web design standards. By focusing on user-centric strategies and innovative research, Propelrr has set new benchmarks in the industry, driving advancements through their unique and effective approach.

About Propelrr

As the Philippine’s first and only experimentation-led tech and digital marketing company, Propelrr stands at the forefront of digital innovation. Their customer-centric, AI, and research-driven methodologies have consistently propelled brand and business growth. Propelrr’s team, comprised of globally trained practitioners, embodies creative genius, solid data, success-based performance, and conversational wit, making them leaders in global digital innovations.

About The Netty Awards

The Netty Awards represent the pinnacle of achievement in the digital world, honoring the most innovative and impactful contributions to the digital landscape. As one of the most trusted award organizations in the industry, these accolades champion digital pioneers who redefine the realms of web design, e-commerce, and marketing campaigns. Recognition at The Netty Awards is not just an honor but a testament to a project’s significant influence and innovation in the competitive digital realm.

Propelrr’s double victory at the Netty Awards marks a significant achievement, celebrating their unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of digital marketing and user-centric design.

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