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Netty Awards Winner

Revolutionizing Employee Wellness Through Gamification with Leostep

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The Netty Awards

The Netty Awards, revered for spotlighting path-breaking contributions to the digital world, have chosen Leostep by Leobit as the winner in the “Apps & Software > Best Health & Fitness App” category. With its inventive approach to employee wellness, Leostep has blended gamification with physical fitness, earning its spot as a leader in technological innovation. Let’s unpack this trailblazing app that has made strides in the health and fitness tech space, proving that a balanced approach to employee wellness can yield extraordinary results.

Innovation and Differentiation

In a saturated market of health and fitness apps, Leostep sets itself apart by turning mundane walks into exciting adventures. This interactive running and cycling app, developed by Leobit, incorporates gamified elements such as ‘crystals’ that are strategically placed around the city, inviting users to seek them out. These crystals carry different values, thereby intensifying the gaming experience and adding layers of complexity to the app.

Leostep’s integration with Google Maps ensures that the geolocation of crystals avoids restricted areas, and its robust logic of retrials maintains the user’s progress in case of internet disruptions. Additionally, the app includes speed limit controls to prevent cheating and seamless integration with the Health app on iOS, providing a consolidated view of various fitness metrics.

Measurable Impact and Success

The numbers speak for themselves—for example, Leostep boasts a 5-star rating on the Play Store, but its impact extends beyond the metrics. It has instigated a culture of physical fitness within Leobit, positively impacting the mental and physical well-being of its employees. Through gamified challenges and social features, the app has also found resonance among a broader audience, proving that employee wellness can be both fun and collaborative.

Creative Elements and Execution

Leostep’s creative prowess lies in its gamification elements. The concept of ‘crystals’ provides not just a motivational push but also a thrilling experience. Real-time route tracking and statistics enhance user engagement, while the dynamic daily goals system keeps users hooked. Adding to the appeal are the leaderboards and team competitions, which encourage friendly competition and social engagement. The built-in referral system also ensures that the user base continues to grow, turning every user into a brand ambassador.

Overall Excellence and Industry Advancement

Leostep is more than just an app; it’s an innovative model for promoting employee wellness. Its features go beyond the standard functionalities of fitness apps, focusing on the larger goal of creating a positive work environment that thrives on employee well-being. The planned integrations with Strava and the addition of weekly events indicate that Leostep is not just resting on its laurels but aims to keep pushing the envelope in the health and fitness tech industry.

About Leobit

Founded in 2014, Leobit operates with a commitment to technological innovation and business transformation. With offices in Austin, Tallinn, Lviv, and Krakow, the company boasts an impressive track record, ranging from Fortune 500 firms to burgeoning startups. With 170+ experts on board, Leobit prides itself on delivering cutting-edge solutions and has earned accolades like the Clutch Top .Net Company Award.

The Netty Awards

The Netty Awards are a prestigious awards organization that celebrates innovation and excellence in the digital realm, attracting entries from companies around the world to compete across a myriad of categories. Being a winner at the Netty Awards is not just an accolade but a validation of impactful work in leveraging technology to make a meaningful difference. Leostep’s award not only serves as a testament to its groundbreaking approach but also sets a new standard for how technology can be employed to improve workplace wellness. 

Congratulations to Leobit and the Leostep team for their remarkable achievement. We eagerly anticipate more ground-breaking innovations from them in the years to come.

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