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SLS Consulting Delivers a ‘Winning Verdict’, Wins in SEO at the Netty Awards

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The Netty Awards

SLS Consulting has clinched the coveted title of ‘Best SEO Innovation’ in the Legal subcategory at this year’s Netty Awards. Renowned for its comprehensive Internet marketing strategies tailored specifically for the legal sector, SLS Consulting has proven once again that its pioneering approaches yield exceptional results. Their innovative solutions have not only elevated their clients’ online visibility but have also set a new standard in the highly competitive field of legal marketing.

Innovation and Differentiation

When it comes to making a lasting impact online, SLS Consulting, Inc. has mastered the art with a multi-faceted approach known as “Legal Internet Marketing.” This strategy encompasses everything from responsive website design and engaging, authoritative content to organic search engine optimization and social media management. What’s more, they integrate these elements with link building, local search, Google My Business strategies, and even intricate blogging techniques. By focusing on these interconnected components, they create a robust digital presence that makes their clients more visible to potential clients. Their innovative blend of paid advertising, including Pay-Per-Click, has further distinguished them from competitors, ensuring their clients remain top contenders in their respective legal markets.

Measurable Impact and Success

The results speak for themselves. SLS Consulting’s strategies boast a proven track record developed over the last two decades. They have managed to secure their clients’ spots at the top of highly competitive keywords, notably in the densely populated personal injury domain. Statistically, their efforts have resulted in a 250% higher conversion rate compared to the industry average. They offer 100% market exclusivity to their clients and have achieved an astonishing 9.8 million top search results for personal injury. Beyond these impressive numbers, their clients witness a 5-7% conversion rate, significantly higher than the industry’s average of 2-3%. Their success is built on delivering 100% original content, highlighting their commitment to quality and authenticity.

Creative Elements and Execution

Creativity lies at the heart of SLS Consulting’s success. With over 23 years of experience designing custom, award-winning websites for lawyers, they’ve perfected the craft of blending aesthetic appeal with functionality. Their team of skilled legal website designers is celebrated for their ability to capture the unique essence of each client’s firm. This personalized website design not only showcases the firm’s personality but also strategically guides potential clients toward taking meaningful actions, such as contacting the firm. Impressively, more than 80 percent of their clients’ new client acquisitions occur through their websites, independent of Pay-Per-Click advertising, illustrating the efficacy of their creative approach.

Overall Excellence and Industry Advancement

SLS Consulting Inc. stands as a beacon of excellence in the legal marketing sector. Their myriad of awards and certifications from prestigious organizations like the Webby Awards and AVA Digital Awards affirm their innovative strategies and notable achievements. Their recognition serves as a testament to their leadership in the industry and their commitment to delivering unparalleled results. Certified by Google, Bing, and other leading platforms, SLS Consulting demonstrates its proficiency in utilizing advanced tools and strategies to drive success for their clients. This dedication to excellence and quality has consistently helped law firms enhance their online presence, attract more clients, and achieve their business goals.

About SLS Consulting, Inc.

Based in Pasadena, California, SLS Consulting, Inc. specializes in digital marketing solutions specifically designed for law firms. Their comprehensive suite of services includes website design, search engine optimization, content creation, and social media management. With a proven track record of success over more than two decades, SLS Consulting is dedicated to helping law firms grow their client base and thrive in an increasingly digital world.

About the Netty Awards

The Netty Awards are a prestigious awards program that honors top leaders and companies across various industries in the digital age. With over 100 unique categories and a longstanding track record as one of the most trusted organizations in the industry, the Netty Awards celebrate achievements in Design, Social Media, Influencers & Creators, Web, Advertising & PR, and Apps & Software. Recently featured in USA Today for their Top Agencies List, the Netty Awards are recognized as one of the most trusted agency directories for decision-makers.

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