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The Netty Awards Announces Their Latest ‘Winners to Watch’ List

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The Netty Awards

The Netty Awards, one of the world’s most trusted awards organizations for celebrating achievement in the digital age, is proud to announce its latest ‘Winners to Watch in 2024’ list, celebrating a collection of the most innovative companies receiving awards in 2023. These awards span across a multitude of categories, including Social Media, Design, Web, Advertising & PR, and Apps & Software. The latest winners have set new benchmarks in digital excellence, showcasing remarkable achievements in their respective fields.

In alphabetical order, the Netty Awards would like to recognize the following agencies and their award-winning work:

Adventure Media Group

AdVenture Media Group, a dynamic performance advertising agency with offices in New York, Philadelphia, and Fort Lauderdale has been recognized with a Netty Award in the Advertising & PR category for their groundbreaking digital campaign with Grown Brilliance. This innovative campaign focused on cutting-edge tactics to drive conversions and outcomes across paid search and social platforms. Their strategies leveraged Generative AI, significantly disrupting the online jewelry market, and introducing lab-grown diamonds through a unique media strategy. The collaboration led to a substantial increase in Grown Brilliance’s annual revenue, with a remarkable nine-figure rise in just a year and a half and a growth in Share of Search from 0% to 3.5%. By focusing on affordability and ethical sourcing, and utilizing customer testimonials and storytelling, the campaign effectively repositioned Grown Brilliance in the competitive jewelry market. AdVenture Media Group, known for expertly managing Google Ads and omnichannel optimization, has partnered with over 500 companies, pushing the boundaries of traditional digital advertising.

Cambray Design Limited

Cambray Design Limited, together with Lanoguard, clinched the prestigious Netty Award in the Advertising & PR > Best Customer Acquisition Campaign category for their innovative ‘Why Wouldn’t You’ campaign. This campaign was designed to achieve and exceed key e-commerce KPIs, leading to an impressive over 5% monthly growth in each metric and a remarkable 196% overall growth surge within a year. Leveraging adaptive, data-driven strategies and AI analytics, the campaign not only doubled conversion rates but also significantly amplified Lanoguard’s presence on social media platforms, setting new standards in customer acquisition. The blend of creative elements, including the impactful ‘Why Wouldn’t You’ catchphrase and strategic influencer partnerships, has been pivotal in this success. Based in Cheltenham, UK, Cambray Design Limited is renowned for its decade-long expertise in digital marketing, employing a dynamic team of skilled freelancers to deliver innovative and cost-effective digital solutions.

Engineered Innovation Group (EIG)

The Engineered Innovation Group (EIG), a leading agency building B2B SaaS products & teams with headquarters in Indianapolis, IN, has achieved notable success at the Netty Awards, winning Best User Experience (UX) Design and being honored as an Up-And-Coming Agency of the Year. Their award-winning project for UltraViolet Cyber involved integrating three separate cybersecurity platforms into a singular, intuitive user experience within a challenging three-month timeframe. EIG’s approach focused on creating a user-friendly interface for cybersecurity analysts, enhancing navigation and data visualization through innovative design elements like a multi-use drawer and dynamic dashboards. Their work improved user experience and accelerated UltraViolet Cyber’s market presence, showcasing EIG’s expertise in merging technical complexity with user-centric design. EIG’s commitment to innovative and functional design solutions and a core value of insatiable curiosity underscores their rising prominence in the digital design industry.

intox Creative

intox Creative, an award-winning creative agency based in New York, has been recognized as the Winner in the Design category for Best Web Agency. Celebrating 25 years of transforming clients’ visions into compelling digital experiences, intox Creative is known for its process-based approach, crafting marketing strategies that significantly enhance brand perception, increase conversions, and drive engagement. Their portfolio showcases successful collaborations with esteemed clients such as Deutsche Bank, Heart Rhythm Associates of New York, and Discovery, Inc., reflecting their commitment to delivering outstanding results and exceptional client service. Specializing in web development, branding, and digital marketing, intox Creative combines strategy, design, and technology to forge robust partnerships with their clients. By embracing new technologies like AI, their team of talented creatives remains at the forefront of the industry, consistently raising the bar for marketing and design.

Market Veep

Market Veep, a forward-thinking digital design and marketing agency based in Burlington, MA, has been lauded at the Netty Awards, winning Best Innovative Design and Boutique Agency of the Year, with an honorable mention as Web Agency of the Year for their “Market Veep Website | Marketing Made Human” campaign. This campaign, rooted in their philosophy of “Marketing Made Human,” reflects their commitment to blending modern design with a human touch, featuring a mega navigation, calming color palettes, and nature imagery. Their website, characterized by bold animations, white space, and large serif fonts, sets a new standard in digital marketing with its editorial aesthetic and engaging narrative. As a Diamond HubSpot-certified, SBA-certified WOSB, Inc. Best Workplaces winner, and an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company, Market Veep stands out for its people-first approach, combining frequent client interactions with personalized marketing solutions. Renowned for their empathy, creativity, and client-focused strategies, Market Veep is reshaping the digital marketing landscape, emphasizing kindness and clarity in every business interaction.

Parker Madison

Parker Madison, a brand studio based in Phoenix, AZ, received two Netty Awards for their exceptional work at the 2023 Paris Air Show, winning Best Innovative Design and Best Sustainable Design. Their inventive design transcended traditional displays, creating an immersive experience headlined by the theme, “Wherever technology lives, we’re there,” expressing the client’s vital contribution throughout the aerospace industry. To amplify this theme, the exhibition environment mirrored a hotel lobby, evoking a welcoming sense of service and sustainability rooted in making connections. This impactful design marked their fourth collaboration with RADIALL at the biennial Paris Airshow, skillfully integrating digital, video, and environmental elements to expand brand perceptions and reinforce the client’s position as an industry leader. Emphasizing a people-first approach, Parker Madison excels in utilizing behavioral science and imaginative design to shape behaviors that accelerate engagement, loyalty, and sales. 

The Ghost Agency

The Ghost Agency, a boutique digital agency based in Los Angeles, CA, has achieved remarkable success at the Netty Awards, winning Independent Agency of the Year in Design, Best Responsive Web Design for the GeneSight Brighter Days Challenge, and being honored for Best Responsive Web Design for Opthea. Renowned for its high-end design and creativity, Ghost Agency stands out for its innovative approaches, including the use of AR and VR, which was notably showcased in Lowe’s Holoroom and in designs for Google Cloud and Visa’s Innovation Lab. Their work for GeneSight’s Brighter Days Challenge, which offered a series of mental health-supportive tasks, saw tremendous user engagement and positive feedback, highlighting their ability to connect with audiences on meaningful levels. Additionally, their collaboration with Opthea on a visually engaging and informative website for a new drug showcases their skill in presenting complex scientific content in an accessible way. The Ghost Agency, with a diverse and impressive portfolio ranging from television and film to medical and financial clients, has established itself as a leader in blending creativity with strategic digital solutions.


TribalScale, based in Toronto, Canada, received three Netty Awards for outstanding digital innovation, including ‘Collaboration of the Year’ for a real-time sports scores streaming feature, ‘Best User-Centric Product Design’ in sports streaming, and ‘Best Product Design Agency’ for an in-car weather app with AccuWeather. Their work significantly enhanced user engagement in the streaming industry and marked a notable achievement in automotive infotainment with the AccuWeather Android Automotive OS app. Emphasizing user-centric design, TribalScale’s projects across various platforms demonstrate their adaptability and commitment to enhancing user experience. With over 350 products shipped, reaching over 500 million users, TribalScale stands as a leader in transforming digital strategies and delivering innovative solutions.

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These winners exemplify the spirit of innovation and the relentless pursuit of excellence in the digital world. Their achievements not only set new standards in their industries but also inspire future industry leaders.

The Netty Awards continue to spotlight the remarkable contributions of these leaders and companies, reaffirming our commitment to honoring excellence in the digital age. As we look forward to the future, we remain excited about the endless possibilities and advancements these trailblazers will bring to the digital landscape.

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The Netty Awards is a leading awards program dedicated to celebrating achievements in the digital age. With over 100 unique categories, it recognizes the best in Social Media, Design, Influencers & Creators, Web, Advertising & PR, and Apps & Software, highlighting the innovation and excellence of leaders and companies worldwide.

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