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Netty Awards Winner

The Netty Awards Unveil Their First ‘Winners to Watch’ List of 2024

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The Netty Awards

The Netty Awards, one of the most trusted awards organizations for celebrating achievement in the digital age, is proud to announce the latest edition of its esteemed ‘Winners to Watch’ list, celebrating a shortlist of the most innovative companies receiving awards in 2024. These awards span across a multitude of categories, including Social Media, Design, Web, Advertising & PR, and Apps & Software. The latest winners have set new benchmarks in digital excellence, showcasing remarkable achievements in their respective fields.

In alphabetical order, the Netty Awards would like to recognize the following agencies and their award-winning work:


Anchour, a fast-growing creative agency based in Lewiston, ME, has been celebrated at the Netty Awards with four distinguished wins: Best Visual Design in Apps & Software for Nursegrid, Best Creative Web Layout for Onsite Web Design, Best Symbolic Logo Design for Kate’s Butter Packaging, and Best Thematic Packaging for Three of Strong Ready To Drink-Canned Cocktails. Each project showcases Anchour’s mastery in integrating creativity with functionality, whether it’s revitalizing Nursegrid’s visual identity to resonate with the nursing community, creating an immersive web experience for Onsite Web Design, rebranding Kate’s Butter with a symbolic logo that bridges tradition with modernity, or capturing the essence of Three of Strong’s cocktails through innovative packaging. These wins underline Anchour’s expertise in delivering impactful design and digital solutions that not only elevate brand identities but also significantly enhance user engagement and market presence. Anchour’s strategic approach to design and digital marketing has proven to drive growth and engagement, cementing their reputation as a beacon of innovation in the digital realm. Through these accolades, Anchour demonstrates their unparalleled ability to craft captivating narratives and visual experiences that connect deeply with audiences, setting new benchmarks for excellence in the digital domain.

Biwin Technology

Biwin Technology, a global supplier of innovative flash storage products and solutions headquartered in Miami, FL, has been awarded the Netty Award in the Web Category for Best Copywriting, a testament to their exceptional work on the piece titled “The Coming Yottabyte Era.” Their compelling narrative not only demystifies the complexities of the rapidly advancing data storage technology but also engages readers with its clear, insightful, and forward-looking analysis. Through adept storytelling and technical proficiency, Biwin Technology’s copywriting effectively positions the company at the forefront of the conversation about the future of digital storage solutions. The awarded article showcases Biwin’s ability to blend intricate technical details with accessible language, making the concept of the Yottabyte era both intriguing and understandable to a broad audience. As a company, Biwin Technology distinguishes itself by combining innovative technology solutions with outstanding communication strategies, driving both industry leadership and consumer education in the digital age.


Evolvs, a digital marketing agency based in Athens, GA, has been honored with a prestigious Netty Award as the Best Dental Marketing Agency. Their specialized approach, highlighted by the proprietary SNAPP framework, enables dental and orthodontic clients to achieve not only a dynamic online presence but also significant growth, with an average 65% increase in patient acquisition within six months. Their strategies, including bespoke branding, optimized web design, and effective SEO and SEM tactics, have led to a 50% increase in website traffic and session duration. Additionally, Evolvs’ innovative Fractional CMO services democratize high-level marketing for smaller practices, leveling the playing field in the dental industry. Through their commitment to tailored solutions and measurable results, Evolvs stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence, advancing the digital marketing landscape for the dental and orthodontic sectors.

Kukoo Creative

Kukoo Creative, a distinguished logo design agency based in Leeds, England, has been honored as the Logo Design Agency of the Year (UK) at the Netty Awards, setting a high standard in an industry dominated by AI and DIY solutions. Their approach combines deep dives into the stories and aspirations of small businesses with a human touch, setting them apart in the digital age and enabling businesses to make lasting market impressions. Kukoo’s innovative client portal, ‘The Nest’, offers extensive resources for business growth, showcasing their commitment to beyond-the-logo support. The case of mindset coach Laura Davis illustrates Kukoo’s creative excellence, where a playful yet professional logo effectively captures the essence of overcoming imposter syndrome, demonstrating their ability to transform small business stories into powerful visual identities. With a portfolio that breathes energy and soul into every design, Kukoo Creative stands as a beacon of artistry and client dedication, redefining professional design value for small businesses.

Launch UX

LaunchUX, a forward-thinking digital marketing firm based in Chambersburg, PA, was awarded in the Web Category for Best SEO Optimization at the Netty Awards for their exceptional work with Central State Door Service. Their innovative strategy not only anticipated Google’s algorithm changes but also prioritized Core Web Vitals, ensuring an outstanding user experience and establishing Central State Door Service as an authority in their industry. This approach led to significant business growth, highlighted by strategic acquisitions and territorial expansion, evidencing the direct impact of improved online visibility and authority on business success. The creative execution, featuring a user-focused website design and compelling storytelling through customer testimonials, further solidified Central State Door Service’s reputation as a trusted service provider. LaunchUX’s comprehensive strategy, blending technical optimization with strategic content creation, has set new standards for SEO effectiveness, driving substantial digital evolution and business growth for their client.

Twin Creek Media

Twin Creek Media, a Kelowna-based marketing agency, has been honored as the Small Agency of the Year in Canada by the Netty Awards, celebrated for Best Innovative Design and Best Sustainable Design. Their revolutionary service model, prioritizing exclusive industry-client partnerships in specific regions without long-term contracts or media buy commissions, distinguishes them as an invaluable extension of their clients’ teams. This approach has fostered an impressive 80% client retention and 96% customer satisfaction rate, underpinned by successful case studies like Space Centre Storage, Metal Structure Concepts, and FH&P Lawyers, highlighting their significant impact on clients’ online presence and revenue. With accolades including the Summit Creative Award for Website Design and recognition by Tech Behemoths and DotCom Magazine, Twin Creek Media’s commitment to being at the forefront of marketing innovation and web design excellence is evident. They stand out not just for their high-quality service delivery but also for their strategic ‘Marketing Roadmap’ process, ensuring tailored, effective strategies that align with their clients’ goals and vision.

Wolfpack Digital

Wolfpack Digital, an innovative app development company with offices in Romania and Ireland, has been awarded the Netty Award for Best New App for their work on Juggle. The app offers a revolutionary approach to social networking by prioritizing meaningful interactions and mental wellness, effectively reducing social media clutter and fostering genuine connections among its users. With its unique Golden Ratio scoring system and a clean, intuitive design, Juggle simplifies the decision-making process for engaging with others, supporting over 1,400 users in cultivating healthier relationships and achieving personal goals. Despite its recent launch, Juggle has already shown promising uptake and positive reception, demonstrating its potential to transform social media fatigue into meaningful engagement. Wolfpack Digital stands out for its creative design and problem-solving approach, making strides in enhancing online relationship management and promoting mindfulness and productivity through innovative app solutions.


SirCharles.DESIGN has been honored with the Netty Award for Best User Interface Integration, thanks to their revolutionary satellite operations software that marries futuristic aesthetics with unparalleled functionality. Their project, distinguished by a SciFi-inspired interface, marks a significant departure from traditional designs, enhancing operational efficiency and user experience in the satellite and aeronautics sector. This innovative approach has received glowing qualitative feedback from users, who commend the intuitive navigation and the resulting boost in productivity and reduction in errors. By prioritizing visibility and ergonomics, especially in low-light conditions and multi-screen setups, SirCharles.DESIGN has not only met the unique challenges faced by satellite operators but has also set a new industry standard for software design. SirCharles.DESIGN, through this project, underscores their commitment to advancing digital ecosystems and redefining user expectations in specialized software applications.


Skyrocket, an innovative website design and development agency based in Auckland, New Zealand, has been honored as the Web Design Agency of the Year for New Zealand, distinguishing itself with a focus on Webflow and Shopify platforms. Since its inception in 2019, Skyrocket has revolutionized the website design and development process, prioritizing efficiency, aesthetics, and functionality, while maintaining a lean team of experts passionate about their craft. This approach has yielded significant results for their clients, including an average 30% increase in user engagement and a notable boost in conversion rates, underscored by client testimonials praising the agency’s long-term support and impactful digital experiences. Among their achievements, Skyrocket has garnered nine awards across prestigious platforms like Awwwards and CSS Design Awards, emphasizing their dedication to innovation and excellence in the digital landscape. Skyrocket’s client-centric philosophy, coupled with their commitment to overturning industry stereotypes, has not only expanded their client base by 25% year on year but also solidified their reputation as a trailblazer in web design and development.

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These winners represent the forefront of innovation and a commitment to excellence in the digital realm. Their successes raise the bar across their industries and serve as inspiration for future leaders.

The Netty Awards continue to recognize the significant contributions of these individuals and companies, highlighting our dedication to acknowledging digital excellence. Looking ahead, we are keen to see the further impact and advancements these leaders will introduce to the digital landscape.

About the Netty Awards

The Netty Awards is a leading awards program dedicated to celebrating achievements in the digital age. With over 100 unique categories, it recognizes the best in Social Media, Design, Influencers & Creators, Web, Advertising & PR, and Apps & Software, highlighting the innovation and excellence of leaders and companies worldwide.

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