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​​True North’s Triumph at the Netty Awards: From Vintage Rugs to Viral Success

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The Netty Awards

Esteemed recognition has once again been bestowed by the Netty Awards, with True North Brand Group emerging as a remarkable honoree. Their game-changing local press campaign for New England Small Business propelled New England Loom, an esteemed vintage rug company, from magazine covers to TV features. The spotlight now shines on this trailblazing campaign which skillfully and innovatively weaved the company’s story into the heart of New England.

Innovation and Differentiation

Despite New England Loom’s well-established stature, True North Brand Group delved deep to discern fresh avenues to amplify its reach. The solution: a game-changing partnership with New England Living, a multimedia media outlet. While the print magazine delivered the initial thrust with a cover story, it was the full feature on NEL TV that truly marked a watershed moment for the rug company. This innovative approach resulted in extraordinary brand awareness, a spike in sales, and the birth of a new B2B program aimed at local designers.

Measurable Impact and Success

Starting with the print feature of founder Lindsey Graziano gracing the winter issue cover of New England Living, 30,000 targeted customers were directly engaged. The television segment, which aired in Spring 2023, further enraptured 40,000 New England viewers. By the campaign’s culmination, a staggering 31 placements were secured, amassing over 1.6 million views, showcasing the overwhelming success and widespread reach of the campaign.

Creative Elements and Execution

True North’s ingenious pitch to New England Living editor, Sharon Bartholomew, included a mesmerizing warehouse shoot, a hands-on experience with the vintage rugs, and an invitation for a behind-the-scenes view of a weekend rug hunt. Additionally, the tailored press kit, messaging talking points, and the opportunity to interview the founders showcased True North’s comprehensive approach. Their ability to produce behind-the-scenes footage during the TV segment’s filming further cemented their commitment to delivering unparalleled content.

Overall Excellence and Industry Advancement

True North’s campaign for New England Loom has not only advanced the brand but also redefined digital marketing strategies for the industry. The television segment’s wide reach, coupled with the robust use of behind-the-scenes footage across social channels, led to an impressive 6.4k follower increase for New England Loom. This campaign’s success further emphasized New England Loom’s dominance in the vintage rug industry, setting them apart from the rising tide of competitors.

About True North Brand Group

True North Brand Group stands as a beacon of customized marketing solutions, tailor-made to generate unparalleled brand awareness. Their expertise spans various sectors:

  • Fashion & Lifestyle: With an astute understanding of fashion cycles, they remain ahead of seasonal trends, ensuring their clients stay in vogue.
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  • Sustainability: Committed to long-term visions, their sustainability specialists champion brands aiming to make significant environmental differences.

About The Netty Awards

The Netty Awards stand as a hallmark of digital excellence, celebrating those who carve out innovative paths in the vast digital realm. Recognizing stellar contributions and groundbreaking campaigns, the Netty Awards showcase the finest talent and projects that shape the digital age. An accolade from the Netty Awards not only acknowledges outstanding achievements but also sets the gold standard for innovation, creativity, and strategic prowess in digital endeavors.

With an enviable track record and a versatile skill set, True North PR continues to lead brands on a journey to unparalleled success and recognition.

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